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“I'm extremely delighted with my CV and very impressed that you gave it high priority. The money spent is a very good investment & I will definitely be recommending this service to my colleagues.”

                               Shalendra Das,
                          Managing Director

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Our executive cv services include CVs for Managers, Senior Managers, Executives, Senior Executives and MD/CEO level. Please choose the appropriate CV from the "CV Prices' box below. If you require further CVs (see possible reasons why this may be required below) then we do offer discounts for subsequent CVs

CV Prices 
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Extra CVs at discounted rates

We can create two types of CVs. One targeted specifically for a particular job or a more generic one for your job type or sector. Many clients prefer to have two CVs and use the best one depending upon which job they are applying for. E.g. if you are applying for a particular job it should be specifically tailored & targeted for that job. If, on the other hand you wish to demonstrate your versatility or make speculative applications to recruitment agencies then your CV should be more generic.

We are experts in both areas. If you would like a second CV you automatically receive a sizable discount compared to the full price you would pay if ordering your second CV at a later date. To take advantage of this please order your extra CV now using this drop down box.

Some clients require three CVs. E.g. one generic, a second tailored for a particular job, and a third tailored specifically for a different job. You benefit from further discounts if you require three CVs in total.

Please note that if you order subsequent CVs at a later date then the full price will apply. The discounted price only is only applicable for orders placed now.

Priority Service (optional)

We can prioritise your CV if you are in a hurry
Whilst we stress that genuine top quality CVs cannot be rushed, if you do want your CV sooner then we can move you to the front of our waiting list and prioritise your CV, working to your deadline. Please note that we are always very much in demand and despite the fact that we deliberately do not pay for any advertising whatsoever (to stem demand) our waiting list is usually in the region of three to five weeks long. The actual delivery date depends on your original CV, the job you are targeting, and the length and complexity of the work involved. There is a £50 additional fee should you require our priority service. Please note that whilst we can in theory complete all priority orders within reasonable deadlines, we do recommend you allow your consultant sufficient time to ensure you receive the best possible job-winning document

Cover Letter

We are also experts in creating professionally tailored cover letters. We can tailor your cover letter specifically for the job in question. We can also create a tailored speculative cover letter for you to send to e.g. recruitment agencies and for speculative applications. Our cover letter charges are from £35 when ordering with a CV or £45 each when ordering without a CV

Job Interview Consultation

If you would like a telephone consultation (max 60 mins) on job interview preparation/techniques with our consultant please indicate this here. If you order the 60 minute consultation in conjunction with your CV order today then you automatically receive a £55 discount (price just £195 instead of the usual topexecutivecv.co.uk price of £250).

* All prices are exclusive of VAT

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