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“I'm extremely delighted with my CV and very impressed that you gave it high priority. The money spent is a very good investment & I will definitely be recommending this service to my colleagues.”

                               Shalendra Das,
                          Managing Director

Job Interview Preparation Service

If you would like help preparing for a job interview we offer a Job Interview Preparation Service.

The service is via telephone consultation and your consultant can arrange a mutually convenient time to call you. Calls are up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

Our job interview preparation service is a generic one rather than one targeted for specific career fields, and covers various key aspects of job interviews techniques, tips and questions.

We ask clients for feedback about this (and all our services).
We actually feel that a great deal of good job interview advice is actually common sense rather than secret techniques, and the service we offer uses a common sense approach rather than anything extraordinary. Nevertheless, the feedback we have had so far indicates that clients are pleased with this service as it helps answer some doubts/questions and can also be a good source of highlighting points that the clients had not previously considered.

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