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“I'm extremely delighted with my CV and very impressed that you gave it high priority. The money spent is a very good investment & I will definitely be recommending this service to my colleagues.”

                               Shalendra Das,
                          Managing Director


The testimony summaries below are 100% genuine and represent just a recent sample of some of the many grateful comment received by our executive CV consultants for their excellent work

Thank you very much for your efforts. It is hard to believe that my CV could look this way. I was extremely delighted when I received the CV and was very impressed that you both worked on Sunday and gave it high priority. This money spent is a very good investment and I will definitely be recommending this service to my colleagues.
Shalendra Das, Managing Director, Auckland , New Zealand

You have done an excellent job with my C.V. It is amazing how you were able to put me in such a spotlight. Thanks again and as for what I think of your services;

  • Totally efficient
  • Awesome
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Invaluable & worth your weight in gold

Mr M. Nadeau, London

Thank you very much for my C.V. I'd previously taken my CV to other places & nothing can compare to what you've done to it.. Thank you so very much!
Miss O. Olaniyi , Essex

I thought I'd just let you know that after sending my CV to just one agency, I got an interview then the job. I think many of my colleagues will be using your services !! Many thanks!
Miss O. Olaniyi, Essex (following up from above comment)

I'm so impressed with your service & fast turnaround. I will be recommending you!
Dr. Araba, Essex

Wow is that me! Thank you for all your help
Mr Rimmer - Wales

Remarkable! I have received 3 calls & 5 emails since sending my CV off last night. Very impressive as it's only morning. I've never had such a fast response! The CV is very eye catching & well-targeted for my field. Special thanks also to Paul who provided in depth consultation until my satisfaction
Mr H. Akram, Middlesex

Thank you for your fantastic piece of work on my C.V, & the accompanying notes. You have worked magic without distorting me nor the facts. This is exactly what I needed, & I'm most grateful.
Dr Richards , London

I'd like to say that I am extremely excited about how my C.V. has been drastically improved. I am impressed, it is absolutely superb. Thanks once again and I'll be recommending you to my friends & colleagues.
Ms S. Koleoho-Jimoh, London

I'm truly amazed at the vast CV improvements. It is wonderful! I am very, very pleased. You have done a remarkable job. I was not aware of some of my skills until you highlighted them. You are in my estimation "the bees knees"   The cost of my CV is worth every penny.
Mr A. Emsley, Leeds, Yorks

Thanks once again for your immediate response. Your client support is infallible.  I received another 'professional' CV from another company and compared it with yours. There is absolutely no comparison. I am so pleased that I engaged you. Very well done! (Follow up to orignal comments above)
Mr A. Emsley, Leeds, Yorks

Thanks for the fantastic CV & cover letter. It is everything I wanted to say about myself but could not find the words. It is a great service you provide.
Mrs S McMahon, Scotland

Good things in life take time, care and effort. Your CVs are excellent masterpieces. Well worth the wait & value. I could have used my own efforts to update my C.V.  Instead, I sought professional help to provide me with a better tool to create an immediate impression when job hunting, and take me to the next level in my future career prospects.You showed me how to take that first important step.

I'm delighted with your service, professionalism, & assistance.
Mr J Fernandes, Surrey

The CV & cover letter look very good (no they actually look perfect). What has really impressed me is the speed from the original contact to an excellent looking CV. Thank you very much.
Mr I Ward, Midlands

The good news is that I am now talking to two contacts. That is due to your revised CV, my old one did nothing!
Mr I Ward, Midlands (follow up to above)

Thank you very much. This looks great! The CV quality speaks for the time & attention that was put into it.
EM Bourdereau, USA

Thank you very much you are absolutely outstanding. My CV looks really good. Now I have more confidence to send out my CV.
Ms T Nortje, South Africa

Many, thanks for your work. The money was well spent: C.V. & cover letter of excellent quality. I will be telling all my freinds about your excellent service. It is a wise investment.
Mr R Noronha , Australia

Thank you very much for your help. My C.V. is brilliant! Thank you too for the extra help & creative suggestions for the cover letter. You have been immense source of wisdom.
Mr M. Stweart, Berkshire

Thanks very much for your work on my CV. It is much more impressive than my effort!
I feel a lot more confident now I am sending a strong, professional CV to recruiters. I would definitely recommended you for your prompt, efficient and professional services. I am sure that the investment is money very well spent.
Mr J. Ashington, Manchester

Sincere thanks for excellent service & time and effort you've put into my CV & cover letter. Your speed & professionalism made this consultation very worthwhile; My CV looks a lot more informative & professional. I'm so glad I chose you as my consultant. I can highly recommend you!
Miss K. Efthymiou, Greece

Thank you for my CV. The service is prompt & the result exceeds expectations. You were professional & experienced. You were also attentive to my requirements. The service helped me apply for a job with more confidence. Job well done - Thanks!
Mr A. Weinstein , Singapore

Thank you for my CV which I am very pleased with you. I had previously ordered a CV from a different company, & their's is rubbish compared to your's. I am so glad I found you.
Mr M. Overy, Essex

Michael loved his new C.V. It really looks great. It is my turn next!
Ms N Gabriel , Arizona

I've just had a pleasing job offer with a good company. Thank you for your invaluable contribution
Mr C. Trollip, RSA

Thank you for this great service. The feedback was great; not only corrections but also explanations on what to do or not - That's a service I dreamt of!
Mr T. Schaerte, Germany

Thanks very much for my CV! I'll recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.
Ms S Walters, Birmingham

What a terrific improvement!
Mrs Lea, Surrey

Thank you very much for my C.V. I'm absolutely delighted. It's an amazing difference!
Mr N. Neill, Northern Ireland

Thank you very much, - the CV is superb!
Mr. N. Hussain, Birmingham

Wow! My CV looks better & better each time I read it!
Miss Wei Thong, Hong Kong

Thank you for the excellent cover letter! I really didn't know that I had made so many C.V. and cover letter mistakes. No wonder I've had no luck until now!
Miss Wei Thong, Hong Kong (follow up letter to above)

This was my best decision in months. The speedy service & great CV has made me feel more confident about finding the best job for myself.
Mr. S Mcleod, Aberdeenshire

The CV looks great! You have done a really good job turning my waffle into something far more marketable. This should allow me to position myself far more effectively.   Reading through the CV I would employ me!
Miss T Kontopoulos, London

Many thanks for my CV!
I must say it's very professional with marked improvements
Mr S Stevic, London

Thank you for my husband's excellent C.V.
Could you improve mine too please ?
Mrs J. Queen, Paisley

My CV is perfect. Thank you very much!
Mrs J. Queen, Paisley (Follow up letter to above comments)

In terms of speed & quality your services can be highly rated.
Mr M. Page, London

Thank you very much for my CV.  I am very impressed & will certainly recommend you to my friends!
Ms G. Palmer , West Sussex

I like my CV very much. It reflects me, my work experience, and skills very well. I feel now my CV will give me a better chance with the competition. I would definitely recommend you.
Ms G. Bidne, Greece

Thanks so much for my C.V. I was impressed with myself!
I'm very pleased with it. Many thanks - I know it can not have been an easy CV to sort out!
Mrs D Taylor, Derbyshire

Thanks so very much for my C.V. You did a great job!
Mrs S Hawkins, Wales

Thank you ever so much for creating my CV and cover letter and your efficient and prompt service.I could not have expected a faster & better service.
H Shirazi, Midlands

Thank you very much for a very powerful CV that I am extremely proud of.  I'm excited that this will help in pursuit of my dream job. I'm extremely happy with the results! Keep up the great work! 

Mr L. Bischoff

Thank you for your excellent work! You've brought my CV up to date with thoughtful & eye catching sentences.
Ms T Miller, Bedfoprdshire.

Many thanks! My CV looks great!
M. Wilson, Dorset

Thank you for my CV. I'm very happy with what you've done!
Mr M. Hoare, Somerset

Thank you very much! This is a significant improvement !
D Roberts, Lothian, Scotland

Thank you very much! I'm extremely pleased with my CV - You have done an excellent job!
Mrs J Edwards

This is perfect! I appreciate all of the help & hard work & dedication you have provided for my CV, future & career. Thank you, again!
Miss C. Lehman

Thank you very much for the wonderful CV revision and cover letter!
Mrs L. Razzari

Thank you very much for the CV. I am totally impressed. I know that it'll get me more interviews!
Mrs T. Hunkele

Thank you very much for making some much needed CV changes. You did a fantastic job & it's much appreciated!
Mrs. S. Mazzoni, USA

Thank you so much!  It looks great & the timing is perfect
Mrs C. Aspite

Thank you so much - The CV looks great!. Very creative! Thanks so much for all your patience & quick follow up
Mr C. Johnston

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